CAMERA: Arri Alexa Mini and LENSES: Zeiss Super Speeds

CAMERA: RED V-Raptor and LENSES: 50mm Arri Ultra Prime

CAMERA: Sony a7S and LENSes: 50mm Zeiss Distagon 

CAMERA: RED Gemini and LENS: Sigma Cine Primes

CAMERA: RED Scarlet and LENSES: Vintage Leica-R

CAMERA: RED Epic Weapon and LENSES: Sony Cine Atla Primes


Are you ready to upgrade the quality of your next production? Then you need to shoot your next project in 8k. RED EPIC-Weapon with 8k sensor is the only camera that offers resolution. So how does this compare to a standard DSLR camera like a Canon 5d. RED Epic-Weapon has a greater Color BIT Depth, 4x more resolution than 4K and over 17x the number of pixels than a 1080P. Which gives you more image clarity, contrast and pixel accuracy than a typical DSLR camera. So if you desire your content or film to in 600nits to 1000nits High Dynamic Range on any of the streaming giants e.g. Netflix or Apple TV than size and pixels count.

We worked with Brian on a commercial shoot that was important to us as a company. Brian is humble yet very professional, and very capable technically. He has a superb eye and technical mind. He is an asset to any size of production large or small. But what is also really tremendous about Brian is his warm, kind, genuine nature. Brian is an absolute pleasure to working alongside. Highly recommended and we will work again together in the future for sure. Again, highly recommended. Tony
Brian was DP on a narrative short that I recently did location sound for. He did an outstanding job on keeping the production moving through a tight and demanding schedule. Supervising/ directing lighting and camera setups with a relaxed, yet speedy work ethic, Brian delivered the goods for the Director on time and with the highest level of creative quality.
Brian assisted me on a short film; he was skilled and very professional. I'd not hesitate to work with him again.
Brian was the Cinematographer on a recent project for me at Adobe. He was thorough and prompt, showing up prepared with a collaborative attitude. A pleasure to work with, and the results look great.
Brian recently worked as Director of Photography on one of my films. He did a fantastic job! He is extremely organized, reliable, full of energy and worked late into the night on several occasions to ensure the job got done. He is incredibly talented, and has an in depth understanding of cameras, cinematography and color correction. He was a tremendous asset for my film as I’m sure he will be for your film or company. Brian has my highest recommendation.
“I've worked with Brian a number of times now and he is always on the ball. He has a clear vision for what he's creating but is always open to suggestions. He is graceful under presser if things go sideways and pools the talent around him to solve the problem. He creates awesome work and I will always be happy to work with him again.”
“Brian was an amazing DP to work with. He always kept a cool, calm and collected demeanor and was very approachable with recommendations. His operating skills are superb and always has a clear vision of what he wants. I plan on working with Brian on as many future projects as possible.”
“Brian's eye for cinematography is undoubtedly superb. While working with him on a pilot TV show, I noticed that Brian not only brought all of his camera operating skills to the table, but also his strong passion for success. Since the day we started working with him, he brought 100% effort and enthusiasm to the project and really helped us grow as a group.”


When outputting 8K resolution files down to 4K or 1080p HD resolution, your image will appear more refined and detailed compared to content captured at lower resolutions. So what does this mean for your content YouTube and Vimeo? When your customers stream it from their iPhones it will appear sharper and with more detail. The choice is simple; Bigger is better and size really does matter.


Is your goal to have your content on one or all of the industry giant streaming platforms e.g. Netflix, Apple TV or Amazon? Then let’s deliver your content in the industry standard delivery formats REC2020 or P3 Color Space. So whether your customers are streaming your content to a Sony Dolby Vision REC2020 televisions or a P3 color space iPhone-X. Then let’s make your content pop off the screen. With a contrast ratio that delivers deeper blacks and brighter highlights than what traditional Standard Dynamic Range televisions can achieve. Making your content and characters appear sharper and with more detail.


ACES 1.0 provides digital image encoding that preserves your images latitude and color range of the original imagery, allowing the highest-quality images possible from the cameras through final delivery preserving your creative vision across mobile, theatrical and online viewing platforms.

• RED Epic-Weapon w/ 8K Sensor
• Canon FD Lenses: 28m, 35m, 55m, & 85m
• Geared Tripod Head
• Wireless Follow Focus (RT Motion)
• MōVI M15
• (2) 480g RED Mini Mags
• Black ProMist Filters
• Black Satin Filters
• Canon, & PL Mounts

• DSMC2 Standard OLPF Filter
• DSMC2 Low Light OLPF Filter
• DSMC2 Skin-Tone Highlight OLPF Filter
• O’Conner Matte Box
• IRND 0.9 Filter (3) Stops
• IRND 1.2 Filter (4) Stops
• IRND 1.5 Filter (5) Stops
• IRND 1.8 Filter (6) Stops



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